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What is the copyright law?

Copyright was designed to encourage creators of artistic works of all types by protecting their work from copying and being used without permission. Anything you write or reco (MORE)

What are copyright laws?

Copyright laws are laws that prevent the copying and using of something without the author's consent. They vary from country to country, but in general they require that the c (MORE)

Why do you have copyright laws?

Copyright law provides that the author of certain materials has the right to control the use or commercial exploitation of the work that he or she has created. This includes r (MORE)

What are the copyright laws to photos in magazines?

Each photo has a corresponding agreement between the photographer and the magazine: it might be an employment contract if they're on staff, or a license for that particular ph (MORE)

What are the copyright laws in Jamaica?

As a signatory to Berne, Jamaica has similar laws to most other countries: works of sufficient creativity are automatically protected as soon as they are fixed, and are protec (MORE)

How should you abide by the copyright law?

Respecting copyright law means not copying, altering, distributing, or performing/displaying anything that is not your wholly original work without permission of the copyright (MORE)

Who polices copyright law?

In the US, copyright is a federal law, so anyone from the local police to the FBI can become involved. Customs and Border Protection is concerned with intellectual property is (MORE)

What does copyright law protect?

According to section 102a of US Copyright Law, copyrights protect original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium such that they can later be perceived, repro (MORE)

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