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Are coty perfume bottles collectible?

Yes, Coty bottles are collectable. Firstly because they have a collectable appeal to perfume bottle enthusiasts but also because Coty used fine French glassmakers such as Lali (MORE)

Did Coty stop making the wild musk oil?

If you are referring to the "Wild Musk Oil" in the dark brown/black bottle, yes. It has been discontinued for quite some time now. There is a "Wild Musk" by Coty, but it is (MORE)

Do they still make Chloe perfume by coty?

Coty didn't produce Chloe. Karl Lagerfeld was the designer for original Chloe, which you can still find at online discounters like and I don't kn (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Coty fragrances?

You can purchase Coty fragrances online from the Fragrance X website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these fragrances online from retailers such as Amazon and Overstock. (MORE)
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Does Coty still make Iron cologne for men?

Unfortunately no.. I have emailed them regarding if they intend to start production again or a scent that may be close to it. I have yet to hear back from them. In my opinion (MORE)

Do coty make coty wild musk oil?

YES! Coty do make the one and only sensual Wild Musk Oil. My all time favourite. I am stockpiling it! Google Coty for detalis.   Hi there I sell Coty Wild Musk Oil if you a (MORE)
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What scents are included in Coty Wild Musk?

Coty Wild Musk is a fragrance that contains several different scents once the perfume is worn. The scents include a blend of flowers, musk and vanilla.
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