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How do you dj?

first do to the bars often learn.. then pic up a good DJ cases, something like : ATA DJ case, DJ Flight Cases,DJ gear cases, DJ Mixer Case, DJ Rack Cases, DJ Road Case, DJ (MORE)
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What does a DJ do?

DJ A DJ is a person that chooses music for a party or Disco. The music is played by that special person known as a DJ. DJ means Disc Jockey. DJ's operate the Speakers, Musi (MORE)
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Can you be a DJ?

Yes! Everyone can be a dj. You don`t need to know how to produce the music but need to know the basics of how music is produced. and how do you know that? if you want to ge (MORE)

Who is a DJ?

A DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who selects and plays music, usually at parties, performance, clubs, and concerts for his audience. A DJ uses special equipment such as turntabl (MORE)

How does a DJ do it?

The aim of a DJ is to play songs one after the other without gaps in between, usually for the purpose of keeping people dancing without a break. In order to do this, you need (MORE)
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How do you get the DJ?

To get a DJ for a party or event, use local listings or get a recommendation from a friend or relative.
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Who is the DJ?

a person who produces music and entertains who he is hired by theres alot more to it but i gots more qeustions to answer.

What do you have to do to be dj?

==darksouljp= The basic function of dj is to change the songs without stop . To do this the dj have to adjust the speed of music following in the headset. when it is ready (MORE)
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What do a DJ do?

what a DJ does is he controls the music and mix it up a little
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How To Be A DJ?

Hey I wish I was a DJ so I found some ways.Look nice sometimes not like tuxedo nice like hollister abercrombie and aeropostale.Be a good rolemodel.People watch u.Go to clubs a (MORE)