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When diagnosed with 3c 4c 5c 6c bulging discs with severe head pain and pain in your neck radiating into shoulders left arm and tingling in your fingers what all can be done is there a pinched nerve?

If the disks are herniated (bulging is another term) the specific nerves causing your problems ARE being pinched/compressed by the disks - that's what happens when you herni (MORE)

Is there a day after pill for dogs to get an abortion?

No, there is no pill that will cause an abortion in dogs. If your dog was in heat and was mated by a male, you can contact your veterinarian to administer a "mis-mate shot". T (MORE)

Is it safe to take MZT pills twice a day?

It is ok to take them 2 times a day as long as you try the once a day first for about three days and if you feel that it is not helping then move up to two a day.
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What does taking a pill 4 times a day mean in hours?

That means take it every 6 hours. 24 hours in a day, divided by 4 is 6.
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Book Spotlight - In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

In March 2015 we lost one of the world's greatest literary minds - Sir Terry Pratchett. Terry was suffering from Alzheimer's and fiercely campaigned to raise awareness of the (MORE)
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Lost the last pill of a twenty one day pack What do you do?

If you lost the last pill of a twenty one day pack, you should take  your 7 day break as normal but use additional contraception for the  next 7 days. You may have a period (MORE)
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Can you start your pill on day 3 of your period?

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you wo (MORE)
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How much fish oil pills should I take a day?

It depends on which brand or product you purchased. For example:  you can take 1 fish oil pill which has 500 mg. Depending on what  your doctor says, however, you may need t (MORE)