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Diaphanous in a sentence?

Diaphanous is a word used to describe something that is delicate. Agood sentence would be, her new dress was very diaphanous.
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What is a diaphanous?

It is not a thing , it is an adjective describing something,usually fabric, as light, filmy, gossamer almost invisible.
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How do you use diaphanous in a sentence?

The stain glass window was very diaphanous I could almost clearly see the clouds outside.
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What are some synonyms of the term 'diaphanous'?

Diaphanous is commonly defined to mean light, delicate or translucent. Some synonyms of the word diaphanous include transparent, lucid and translucent.
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What is the diaphaneity of diamond?

Diaphaneity -- a function of the way light interacts with thesurface of a substance -- of diamond is transparent ingem-quality diamonds, translucent in sub-gem-quality sto ( Full Answer )