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Who is the English 17th century diarist?

PEPYS. Pepys' diaries became a staple of British literature after their first publication in 1825.
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Who is Mary Chesnt civil war diarist?

The spelling is MarY Chestnut. She was a lady of the South who kept a diary from before the Civil War until long after.
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What became of Sam Watson the diarist in Ken Burns Civil War?

He went back home to Tennessee after being only 1 of 7 survivors in his regiment that had lived to the end. He wrote a book, the best book I've ever read on the civil war, cal ( Full Answer )
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What is the diarist in go ask Alice name?

It can be argued that the Diarist name is Alice. However, that is not her real name. The name, dates, and places have been changed for confidentiality purposes. " Go Ask Alice ( Full Answer )