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What is a perm rod?

  Answer     Hello, a perm rod is a small plastic curler used for perming the hair. These rods come in different sizes depending on how small or large you want (MORE)

What happens when you stop perming your hair?

Nothing particularly bad will happen to your hair. although, you should wait until the perm from your hair is gone by A.cutting it all off or B.going natural and waiting for t (MORE)
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When to wash hair after a perm?

you should wait 48 hours after getting a perm to shampoo the hair. you may, however,wet it with water if re-styling is needed during that time.
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If you get your hair permed how long will it be permed for?

to be honest it depends on who does and the cost of the perm personally I got a cheap perm and in lated about 6_8 months but a more expensive perm can last anywhere from 1 yea (MORE)
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How long do you have to wait to get a perm after you had a perm?

every month you get a perm. if you go to a salon they give you perms every two weeks. so you can get a perm every two weeks if you want . Even though you may relax your hair (MORE)
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How do you go from perm to natural hair?

You gotta wait, if your hair grows it will grow normally, and eventually your perm will be gone if you cut if off. be patient
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