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What dog foods kill dogs?

Chocolates and oily feeds are not healthy for dogs. These actually tend to hamper there metabolic process and may produce symptoms such as hair shedding and skin infection. Co (MORE)

What is bad for dogs in dog food?

Things called "fillers" are bad in dog food things like by products, corn, and wheat. One of the first ingredients listed on the dog food should be meat and other protein. (No (MORE)

Your dog will not eat his dog food?

I would try a few things to get your dog to eat his food.Only feed him at designated times. Do not leave the food out all the time. This will create a sense of urgency to eat (MORE)

What to give your dog if you have no dog food?

You can probably give him/her plain cooked meat. Cooked white fish is also ideal. A small amount of rice will also do no harm. However, because these foods on their own are (MORE)

How dog get their food?

If they are a domesticated dog, they get their food when they are fed by their owner. If they are a wild dog, then they get their food when the find something to eat or they k (MORE)

How do you get your dog to eat dog food?

Stop feeding the dog table food. Sooner or later the dog will eat the food you place in from of him/her; Even dog food. Also make sure your dog likes the food, first of all. (MORE)

What dog food do dogs eat?

Dogs eat food made for dogs, usually in a dry or wet form. There are many brands of dog food on the market, ranging from very low quality to premium quality. The better dog fo (MORE)

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