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What does Dominica mean?

The word Dominica is the Latin word for Sunday, that being the 1st or 7th day of the week. It is the Latin equivalent of the English Sunday as the words do not share the same (MORE)
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Are there scientist in dominica?

Yes. There are Dominican citizens as well as frequent visitors to the island who are scientists. I am one of them. If you would like to discuss matters of science that are rel (MORE)

How did Dominica get its name?

Chris Columbus discovered her on a Sunday and named her afterSunday. The Caribs named her Wiatukubuli but that was disregardedwhen Columbus arrived. Dominica got its name fro (MORE)

What is the history of Dominica?

Columbus discovered and named this island 'Sunday' (Dominica in Latin) The French controlled it for some years and ceded it to Great Britain in 1763. The British colonised it. (MORE)