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If a man don't pay for you is he loves you?

First off, you're writing skills are really bad. Second off, he may have just forgotten his wallet. Third off, if it bothers you that much that he doesn't pay on the dates, as (MORE)

Why don't people pay their debts?

The majority don't pay because they can't. Many people have poor money management skills. Others unexpectedly lose their source of income. Still others run into a person situa (MORE)

Why don't dairies pay overtime?

Because you're working odd times most every day anyway. Working at a dairy is nothing like working at an office. Nothing is predictable, no day is the same, so you never know (MORE)

What if you don't pay for xbox live?

If you do not pay for Xbox Live and you have not before then you are a silver member. This means you can send messages but you cannot utilize the Xbox Live Party System allowi (MORE)

Why don't the Amish pay taxes?

The Amish do pay Property Tax, Income Tax (if working for someone), and all federal, state, and local taxes. The only exception is Self-Employment Tax, for which they receive (MORE)

What happen when you don't pay your bills?

Your will lose your ability to pull credit for years, your accounts will go into collections, you can be sued for the debts, and/or you can wait 7 years for the debts to come (MORE)

What will the government do if you don't pay your taxes?

It all depends on which country you are not paying your taxes to. Most civilised countries prefer to garnisheer your wages. Failing that jail. You get enough and ample warnin (MORE)