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Why don't people pay their debts?

The majority don't pay because they can't. Many people have poor money management skills. Others unexpectedly lose their source of income. Still others run into a person situa (MORE)

What if you don't pay for an eBay item?

You will not receive the item. Additionally, an "Unpaid Item" will be placed on your account. According to eBay, "If you have excessive unpaid items on your account, we may li (MORE)

What happens when you don't pay your insurance?

  It lapses which means it cancels. Most insurances will do this after 30 days of unpaid premiums but some can be as quick as 1 day late (cobra) and some allow up to 90 da (MORE)

What happens when you don't pay a judgment?

The plaintiff can file a motion to have your property seized to pay off your debt. Generally, this means garnishing your bank accounts or paychecks. Sometimes courts can find (MORE)

What does a loan shark do if you don't pay?

They will take whatever you put down as collateral. For God sake, don't put your legs down as collateral. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but they are much more ex (MORE)

Why don't the Amish pay taxes?

The Amish do pay Property Tax, Income Tax (if working for someone), and all federal, state, and local taxes. The only exception is Self-Employment Tax, for which they receive (MORE)

What happens if you don't pay taxes?

This is a great question that requires more than a simple answer. The basic answer is if you don't pay your taxes the IRS will either levy your wages, your bank account or the (MORE)