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The Dove and the Hawks?

The labeling of "the Doves" or "the Hawks" is a reference to two different political parties during the Vietnam War. They were not the type of political to vote for, but one t (MORE)
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Do doves hibernate?

Yes, Doves do hibernate for a period of sevan weeks over the winter, usually starting in mid december. Usually, groups of twelve hibernate together, enjoying the closeness and (MORE)

Where does a dove live?

Doves are normally found in parts of Southern Africa or Australia.  There nests are either in trees or on the ground.
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Is it morning dove or mourning dove?

    "Mourning" due to their color and the sound they make, which some think sounds sad. Also, doves sometimes literally mourn themselves to death over the loss of a ma (MORE)

Which Pop Star Should You Party With?

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Is a pigeon a dove?

Often, yes. The terms are somewhat interchangeable, unless one is talking about a specific species.
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Where do doves nest?

Mourning doves nest in trees using several sticks that scarcely resemble a nest to the human eye. Occasionally they will nest in shrubbery or even more occasionally on the gro (MORE)

Symbolism of a dove?

The dove is mainly a symbol of love and peace. It associates with Jesus and christianity. The dove was a messenger of God. Going back to the book of Noahs ark in the Bible, Go (MORE)

Who were Hawks and Doves?

During the Vietnam War, the country was divided into two sections,  the ones who wanted the war, and those who didn't. The Hawks wanted  the war and the Doves were against i (MORE)