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How do you download windows live messenger?

Go on google, type in Windows Live messenger. Once on the page, click download. Once finished, you can go onto windows live messenger and if you want to uninstall it just go o (MORE)

Where can you download OpenGL for Windows Vista?

OpenGL is just a standard. The implementations come with your graphics card drivers and are exposed using WGL extensions in Windows. There is a 'standard' implementation in th (MORE)

How do you download roblox with Windows 7?

Simply click the play button on any place to open the installer. It will automatically install the latest version of the game onto your computer. Please note that this only wo (MORE)

Where can you download FaceTime for windows?

Facetime is currently limited to iOS devices (think iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4, and jailbroken iPhone 3GS) and OSx devices (Macbooks and Mac desktops). There is lots of speculat (MORE)

How do you download Maplestory on window 7?

The same way you download it on any platform. Go to the MapleStory Nexon website, click Download, once it's downloaded execute it with Administrator privs. If there are any pr (MORE)