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Where can you download Windows 2000?

Windows 2000 is a commercial operating system that Microsoft charges money for. Any free download of Windows 2000 would be software piracy, and hence illegal..
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Where can you download Windows Installer 3.1?

if you haven't upgraded your xp to service pack 2 yet you need to go to and then it will search your computer for updates to windows and it will give to you a pr (MORE)
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Is it ok if you will download Windows 7?

as long as you have a genuine key you can download it and purchase it from the microsoft website they will provide a key for you
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Can you download windows movie maker?

Yes. You can download three different versions of the program: Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Windows Live Movie Maker All are free. Simpl (MORE)
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Can you download windows mail to windows 7?

You have to download Windows Live Essentials. Windows Mail is a part of the Essentials package. Please follow the relate link to download Essentials. Also there is one more li (MORE)