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What is the Dragon Boat Festival?

The dragon boat festival is a boat contest. The boats are shaped as a dragon. They race with the dragon boats and whoever wins will get good luck. That is what the dragon boat (MORE)

How do you get purple dragons in dragon story?

Breed a water and fire dragon Blue + red = purple And it's the only primary colour mix not in the market!
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What is a dragon?

Answer 1   A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It (MORE)

Do you drive a boat or steer a boat?

A traditionalist would say that the word drive, when used in  a nautical context, has a bad connotation, generally meaning out of  control, as in "driven ashore," the curren (MORE)

What was the dragons name on how to train your dragon?

There are quite a few named dragons. ( not in a particular order.) 1) Hiccup: Toothless (Night Fury) 2) Astrid: Stormfly (Deadly Nadder) 3) Fishlegs: Meatlug (Gronkle) 4) Sno (MORE)

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How do you get the mirror dragon on Dragon City?

Always for any legend dragon ( they are crystal dragon,legendary  dragon,wind dragon,mirror dragon ) the breeding is  need not do various breeding for various l (MORE)
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What are the dragons in the movie How do you train your dragon?

So Hiccup, the main character, has a black mysterious dragon with green eyes called the Night Fury. There are Monsterous Nightmares, which are red fire-bound ones with alot of (MORE)

What does the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival celebrate?

The Chinese Dragon Boat festival celebrates the death of Qu Yuan, a famous poet. He killed himself when his city fell, because he really loved his city. People really respecte (MORE)

What is the dragon?

  I think the dragon is a gatekeeper. He is viewed as being our worst nightmare who has seemingly unlimited power. He is the embodiment of fear, personal death with accomp (MORE)