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What is a dragon?

Answer 1   A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It (MORE)

How many people does a dragon boat hold?

The standard crew complement of a contemporary dragon boat is around 22, comprising 20 paddlers in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer or caller at the bow faci (MORE)
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Why do the Chinese eat rice cakes during the dragon boat festival?

There is a story behind this. (: A long time ago, there was a very wise and trustworthy advisor of the emperor. Although the citizens adored him, the emperor disliked him (MORE)

What does the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival celebrate?

The Chinese Dragon Boat festival celebrates the death of Qu Yuan, a famous poet. He killed himself when his city fell, because he really loved his city. People really respecte (MORE)

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How do you get dragons?

  If you are talking about real dragons, you don't 'get' them. Either they come to you or you find them or whatever, but you don't 'get' dragons.
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What is the dragon?

  I think the dragon is a gatekeeper. He is viewed as being our worst nightmare who has seemingly unlimited power. He is the embodiment of fear, personal death with accomp (MORE)

What is the Dragon Boat Festival in China?

Falling on the 5th day of the 5th month according to Chinese lunar  calendar, The Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu Festival, is a  traditional holiday that commemorates the l (MORE)