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What is a dually truck?

A "dually" is a truck (or some of the dodge sprinter and freightliner vans) with a heavy duty rear end and 4 wheels on the rear axle alone. Dually's are better for towing and (MORE)

Dodge 3500 dually weight?

This is not really a complete question. Not sure what is beingasked here and so cannot give a complete answer.
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Is ironhide a dually?

He is referred to as a dually in the companion books to the movies, but in the actual movies he has only four wheels.

What is a dually halter?

The Dually Training Halter designed by Monty Roberts, is a patented schooling halter which effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with the handler. It is intende (MORE)

Where can you purchase a Chevy dually?

It can be purchased at a lot of places, it would probably be easiest to find one online on sites such as ebay or craigslist, but you may be able to find it at a car dealership (MORE)