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What are Egyptians?

Egyptians are people from Egypt. The people of Egypt are called "Egyptians" as we, the people who live in America, are called Americans.
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How are you in Egyptian?

"How are you?" in Egyptian or in Arabic are the same is "Marhabn" "مرحباً" and in the Egyptian colloquial language "Ezzayak" "إزيك" to male or "Ezzayek" "إزيّك" (MORE)

Why are Egyptians called Egyptians?

because they come from Egypt. The word "Egypt" comes from the Greek name for the area of Egypt called "Aegyptos". Most Egyptians and their neighbors called the country some v (MORE)

What did egyptians do?

They were the people that lived in the lower Nile valley and Nile delta. They were one of the great ancient civilisations and built the pyramids.
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Why did the Egyptians worship the Egyptian gods?

Ancient Egyptians believed whole-heartedly in their Gods and Goddesses. Just as Christians, Muslims, etc believe in their respective Gods and/or Goddesses. The reasons are t (MORE)