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What was the religion of Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden was Scottish for all I know. Scottish religions are typically Christian, and as of 2001, 65% of the population of Scotland were Christians. Hope this answer (MORE)
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How effective is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream in reducing wrinkle lines?

The purpose of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream is to relieve dry and irritated skin through moisturizing, soothing, and protecting it from skin irritants. It is not specifica (MORE)

Is Estee Lauder better or Elizabeth Arden?

Answer   Both are equally really good brands. I have products from both Estee Lauder and Elizabeth just depends on what you're looking for. For me, the best fou (MORE)

Does Elizabeth Arden test on animals?

NO. I contacted Elizabeth Arden and this is what I received.    Dear ,   Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning safety testing of  Elizabeth Arden products. (MORE)

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How to Install a Backyard Waterfall

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Does Elizabeth Arden Products use harmful ingredients like Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laurel Sulfate?

Many of the products in the Elizabeth Arden line contain one or  both of these ingredients. The most notable products with these  ingredients are the Oil Control Refining Cl (MORE)

How old is Arden Cho?

her official stage age is 22 but some people i know who went to school with her said she was born in 1985? i think that makes her 25 or 26... but she is so pretty and young lo (MORE)