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Does ardene pierce noses?

Ardene only does nose piercings in Quebec or the Maritimes. Under Health Canada Guidelines nostril piercing is not to be done with any form of piercing gun, this applies to e (MORE)

How is Elizabeth II related to Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I would be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Both Elizabeths are descentants of Henry VII.  Elizabeth I was the granddaughter of Henry VII through her f (MORE)

What was Elizabeth I known for?

Elizabeth I (also known as: Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess, etc.), was known for many things. First off, she was the first Queen in British history to rule the ki (MORE)

Is Andrea arden married?

Yes to Rhett Butler... Not the character but the man who owns R.E Butler and company
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Is Estee Lauder better or Elizabeth Arden?

Answer   Both are equally really good brands. I have products from both Estee Lauder and Elizabeth just depends on what you're looking for. For me, the best fou (MORE)

Does Elizabeth Arden Products use harmful ingredients like Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laurel Sulfate?

Many of the products in the Elizabeth Arden line contain one or  both of these ingredients. The most notable products with these  ingredients are the Oil Control Refining Cl (MORE)