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What islands are part of the faroe islands?

From north to south:   Fugloy   Svínoy   Viðoy   Borðoy   Kunoy   Kallsoy   Eysturoy   Streymoy (the biggest island)   Vágoy   Myki (MORE)
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Is there an hsbc bank in faro Portugal?

No. HSBC does not have branches in Portugal. Though they are a truly global bank with presence in numerous countries, they currently do not have branches in Portugal.
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Why do the Faroe Islands and Macau have a Paralympic team but not an Olympic team?

Because they were not recognised before the change of rules of recognition. In the past it was sufficient to declare the will of having a team at OG and to create National Oly (MORE)

Driving distance from Valencia to Faro?

It depends on the route you take but the approximate driving distance (using major roadways) is 175 miles / 282 km.
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What is the national flower of the Faroe Islands?

The national flower of the Faroe Islands is the marsh marigold. It isalso known as kingcup. It is known to grow around marshes, ditches andin woodlands in the temperate region (MORE)