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What islands are part of the faroe islands?

From north to south: Fugloy Svínoy Viðoy Borðoy Kunoy Kallsoy Eysturoy Streymoy (the biggest island) Vágoy Mykines Hestur Koltur Nólsoy Sandoy Skúgvoy Stó ( Full Answer )
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Are the faroe islands part of Denmark?

They are part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but not the constitutent country of Denmark, wich is also part of the Kingdom of Denmark.
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How many Faroe Islands are there?

The Faroe Islands consists of eighteen islands off the coast of Northern Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the north Atlantic Ocean, roughly halfway between Iceland and No ( Full Answer )
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What is the weather like in the faroe islands?

it rains all year. maximum degrees in the summer is about 17degrees celcius. and in the winter it is about 2 degrees celcius. in the spring it is about 10-12 degrees, and in t ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands?

Kaj Leo Johannesen is the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands. Johannesen became the Prime Minister on 2008 September 26. Johannesen was previously a footballer.
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What is the national flower of the Faroe Islands?

The national flower of the Faroe Islands is the marsh marigold. It isalso known as kingcup. It is known to grow around marshes, ditches andin woodlands in the temperate region ( Full Answer )
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What continent do the faroe islands belong in?

Geographically the Faroe Islands are on the Eurasian plate and areEuropean. They are situated in the North Atlantic midway betweenIceland, Norway and Scotland. Politically the ( Full Answer )
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How do people live in faroe islands?

It's a common missconception that people in the Faroe Islands livelike they did in the middle ages. They live under the sameconditions as most of Europe does.