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What is a franc?

A franc is the main unit of currency, formerly used in France, andcurrently used in the following countries: Burundi, Congo, Switzerland, Djibouti, Guinea, Comoros, Rwanda,Ce ( Full Answer )
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Where is France?

France is located in Western Europe and is bordered by: Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east, The Mediterranean Sea and Spain to the ( Full Answer )
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What do you where in France?

France sent Denim jeans to California in the 1500 so workers could have something to wear and they became more and more popular now people in France wear them sometimes and gi ( Full Answer )
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What is there to do in France?

In France, you can visit wonderful places, eat delicious food, discover a new language, there's so many things to do in France!
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What to do in France?

There are many activities that families can participate in, whilein France, including visiting museums. People can also visit themeparks, and visit the Eiffel Tower.
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What does France have?

France has French Kisses, Festival de Cannes, French language, Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), and of course a beautiful first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
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How can get to France?

The easiest way to get to France is by flight. There are plenty of airlines that make regular international flights in France, usually Paris making it one of the busiest in th ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do in France?

Can you rephrase your sentence if you mean that what is there to do in France i can help. There is the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. Arc De Triumph The Louvre Museum Disney Land wine ( Full Answer )
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Is France in France spelled France or la France?

wrong> The form 'la France' is the most common. J'habite en France = I live in France J'aime la France, vive la France = I love France, long live France.
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What is how are you in France?

comment allez-vous If you want to translate things can I suggest you use the related link below to help you do this.