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How long is a flight from Los Angeles to French Polynesia?

  Answer   Tahiti is readily accessible from the east and west coast USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Direct, non-stop flight times are about 8 hours f (MORE)

What changes does French Polynesia have after being colonized?

Before European colonization, the islands were ruled by local chiefs. The Pomare Dynasty reigned over Tahiti until Queen Pomare IV, under considerable pressure, signed a treat (MORE)
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Where is French Polynesia located?

French Polynesia is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in the  Oceania Continent/Region.
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What do people in French Polynesia eat?

The inhabitants of French Polynesia provide food for themselves by mainly fishing, animal husbandry, and gardening. The main foods of their diet consists of taro, breadfruit, (MORE)
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What is the native language of French polynesia?

There are many Polynesian languages spoken in French Polynesia. It  just depends on the island. The main Polynesian language is  Tahitian (from Tahiti) but French is now the (MORE)

Is French Polynesia part of the European Union?

Through being an overseas territory of France, it has rights and privileges afforded to it by the European Union.
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