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What is a gum disease?

"Gum disease" is a non-medical way to describe any disease that affects the gums in your mouth. One of the most common gum diseases is gingivitis, which is inflammation of the (MORE)
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What does gum have in it?

gum is made of rubber which is the same kind of rubber that they make tires from but with a softer material and flavor so your basically chewing rubber "Companies carefully gu (MORE)

Is gum vegan?

Some gums contain lanolin from sheep and glycerin. Wrigley's line of gum has been confirmed as vegan.
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What is spider gum?

spider gum is a tree that has berries on it. the berry looks like spiders and its hard to cut it down. Also the spider gum is an alien vegetation.
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What to do after chewing gum?

You spit it in a bin, not on the floor it costs millions to clean up, SO PUT IT IN THE BIN!
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What is gum paste?

Gum paste is similar to fondant except it contains an extra ingredient to make the fondant harden. Gum paste is great for making sugar flowers and figures for cakes.
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What is the purpose of gum?

There is no purpose in chewing gum. It was originally designed as a candy that never left. Although it does help strengthen the jaw muscles, chewing gum has become one of the (MORE)
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What is Zanthum gum?

There is no such thing as Zanthum gum, so assuming that you mean  Xanthan gum, it is a substance that is derived from the  fermentation of bacteria. It is commonly used as a (MORE)

What is that disease that is on your gum?

No one can tell you without an examination. See your dentist and she will tell you if you need to (1.) see a periodontist (gum doctor), (2.) treat yourself with the general de (MORE)

Is the drugs in gum?

NO! Drugs are not in gum...there is something else that im not sure what but i a m 100% positive that no there are no trace of drugs in gum.
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