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What was best medicine for head pain?

Tylenol and ibuprofen do nothing for either of us. Aleve is really more for muscular pain and I haven't found it effective for headache. Excedrin is a combination of acetami (MORE)
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For leg pain what homeo medicine?

First and foremost, that stretched out sensation in the legs could be due to a number of causes. I therefore suggest that you drink a glass of milk everyday, eat one citrus fr (MORE)
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What medicine for tooth pain after extracting it?

Basic medicine regimen after tooth/teeth extraction/s includes an Antibiotic and Pain killer or analgesic and if required an antacid. Antibiotic and analgesic can be from basi (MORE)

Is promethazine a pain medicine?

  While technically promethazine is an antihistamine, its most common use is either as treating nausea, or used along with pain medications to boost their effect. It is no (MORE)
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What is the best pain medicine for severe back pain?

"Severe Pain" is subjective to each individual, so it depends on the underlying cause of the pain. If your pain tolerance is low, it might not take much to feel really bad. Wh (MORE)
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What pain medicine can you give a dog in pain?

small doses of aspirin may be given, or ultram, which I just found  out from my vet may also be used as well, but you should consult  with your veterinarian as to dose for y (MORE)

What is the strongest pain medicine?

  I believe Fentanil is the strongest narcotic (narcotic's are opiods like oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc.) prescribed to humans. The dosage of Fentanyl is measured in microg (MORE)

What is dilated pain medicine?

Dilaudid is a very strong and addictive medication, used for moderate to severe pain. DO NOT play with this type of pharmacuetical, it has an incredible potential for abuse, a (MORE)

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