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How do you test for an IQ test?

Just search the google for "free IQ test", there are plenty of IQ tests to take.I just finished the IQ test, I would recommend that one because it's very accurat (MORE)

What is scenario testing in software testing?

Scenario testing is done to make sure that the end to end functioning of software is working fine, or all the business process flows of the software are working fine. In scena (MORE)

What tests do the animals undergo when they are tested to them?

having shampoo put in their eyes to see if it hurts,having their brain cut open (without pain killer) so the researchers can insert a computer. they are cut open and get disea (MORE)

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What is Gorilla Testing in software testing?

Both monkey and Gorilla testing for test scenario that attempt to break application Diff b/w them Monkey Testing : Testing a system or an Application on the fly, i.e just (MORE)

What is a test driver in software testing?

Test Driver or stubs are used for integration testing. So you have 3 modules say A, B and C in your application. The A and C is ready but the bridge between A to C is B is not (MORE)

Test cases to test a webpage?

Here are some you can do: Open it on different browsers to see if it opens the same way, as some HTML tags don't work on some browsers. Open it on different versions of th (MORE)

What is Functional testing in software testing?

Functional testing is a process of testing all the functionality of  an application.When we create a software, we create it keeping the  users of that software in mind. Func (MORE)