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Where is Ghana?

Ghana is at the western part of Africa (Actually in the geographic region known as West Africa) the republic of Ghana is located on the west cast of Africa, along the equat (MORE)
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How did Ghana fall?

Almoravid's weakened Ghana's empire and cut off many of their trade routes, Ghana could not support its empire, and the empire eventually fell.

How is Ghana?

Ghana is a very nice country it is in west Africa and has alot of places for you to go to it is hot at times but not hotter than Dubai and it is a very nice place
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What did Ghana do?

Ghana is rich in natural resources and has one of the strongest emerging economies in Africa. The capital city, Accra, is one of the wealthiest and most modern cities on the c (MORE)
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Is Ghana a coloinsed Ghana?

No, Ghana is an independent country. It used to be colonised by the British but has been independent since 1957.
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What does Ghana people do for a living in Ghana?

Ghanaians have numerous jobs from low to high positions. The majority continue the trade or skills of their forefathers, whether that is farming cocoa in ashanti region, fishm (MORE)