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Why do doctors wear rubber gloves?

Answer . To prevent cross contamination. No matter how thoroughly you wash, you can't get it all off. Also, your bugs don't bother you but someone else's might. You're acc ( Full Answer )
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Who invented rubber gloves?

It was Lister : who invented them to protect the hands of a nurse, for in those days they were sterilizing their (bare) hands by dipping them in "Listerine", a strong phen ( Full Answer )
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Why do first aiders where rubber gloves?

To keep any germs that the first aider has so that they don't spread to other human beings that they touch.
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What is rubber gloves made of?

rubber answ2 . Latex is an early material, but non-latex gloves are available for those with a sensitivity to latex. Other similar products are made for the electrical and ( Full Answer )
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Does rubber gloves leave DNA?

Not likely. If a skin cell from your hand were to fall off and through the glove DNA could be left. Hair is also a source for DNA.
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How do you get rubber gloves on panfu?

Easy, you go to the hospital (if you don't know where it is, it is at the beach) And you will have to solve a padlock code the code is "432". Glad to help :)
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Does rubber gloves stop electrocution?

no rubber doesn't stop electrocution at all it actually just makes you fry easier so don't wear rubber when there is lighting
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Where can one buy rubber gloves?

One can purchase rubber gloves from all good homeware stores and supermarkets. Try the local area. Alternatively, look on specific homeware stores online.
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Are rubber gloves like garden gloves?

It doesn t matter what glove you use for gardening . Rubber latexor other is good for gardening and someone does not believe whatthey read , tell I have ,because rubber gloves ( Full Answer )