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Who discovered the cure for gonorrhea?

It wasn't until 1879 that gonorrhea was discovered by Albert Neisser. There was no cure (nor antibiotics) at that time and a team of scientists in 1937, began to use antibioti (MORE)

Can dogs get gonorrhea?

No. This is a human disease. This is a human disease and can not be contracted from a dog nor given to a dog. No
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Does azithromycin cure gonorrhea?

Yes it can but it needs to be a higher dose (2g) than for chlamydia. No. It can; but the higher dosage often cause stomach sickness. No it doesn't; it cures chlamydia. It can, (MORE)

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Does clindamycin cure gonorrhea?

It can but it is not recommended. There are better and more effective drugs but sometimes clindamycin is used when a resistant strain exist or when allergies prevent use of re (MORE)

What is the first aid of gonorrhea?

There is no first aid, it requires advanced medical treatment that can only be provided by a medical professional.
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