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What are groups?

rows organized in a periodic table . It is actually columns of a periodic table---also known as "families". Rows are "periods".

In group theory what is a group generator?

In abstract algebra , a generating set of a group G is a subset S such that every element of G can be expressed as the product of finitely many elements of S an (MORE)

What is a control group and an experimental group?

A control group is not provided any treatment, while the experimental group is the one to which a treatment is applied. The control and experimental groups are chosen to be (MORE)

Types of groups in group work?

•Both formal and informal information flows in several directions in any group.. •In a formal group, directions of flow are clear to senders and receivers because o (MORE)

What is a group domain or domain group?

RFC 3547 - The Group Domain of Interpretation Introduction This document presents an ISAMKP Domain of Interpretation (DOI) for group key management called the "Group Domain o (MORE)