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What is the meaning of hele?

The word hele means health or welfare, to hide, cover, and to roof.Hele is also a village in Devon, England, lying about one mile SSWof Bradninch and 10 miles NNE of Exeter.
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Who is hele n of salman Khan?

Helen Khan is the second wife of Salman Khan's father, so she is Salman Khan's step-mother
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What office Clinton heled iin Arkansas?

Clinton was elected Arkansas Attorney General in 1976 , and Governor in 1978. It was common knowledge that Clinton had his eye on the presidency, but lost the reelection for g ( Full Answer )
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What does HELE stand for?

In some Philippine schools, HELE stands for H ome E conomics and L ivelihood E ducation.
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Who is sitting in the library at heles school?

Taylor prout, kallum marks,charlie evans,Daniel white,pat steward, libby Morris charlie ward, molly harker, arron jaques and callum luke
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What are the components or area in HELE?

There are five components in HELE (Home Economics and Livelihood Education) 1. Homer Economics 2. Industrial Arts 3. Agriculture 4. Computer 5. Retailing
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What has the author Heling Wang written?

Heling Wang has written: 'Ming dai gu ben fang zhi xuan' -- subject(s): Sources, History, local, History
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What had heled Athens to defeat the Persians?

The Persian cavalry had been sent by sea to capture Athens in theirabsence. The Athenians and Plataean s pounced on the unarmouredPersian infantry, which was unprotected by it ( Full Answer )