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How soon does the HIV virus show up in the blood?

Answer     Are you wondering when an HIV test will detect antibodies? It depends on the state that you live in and what their protocol is. From the time you become (MORE)

What is Non reactive anti HIV test result?

                Its means that AIDS is negative.
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What is non reactive in HIV test result?

A non-reactive test result means that HIV antibodies were not detected in the specimen and the test result is interpreted as negative for HIV antibodies. However, those with (MORE)
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Why does no blood come when you have a blood test?

there are many reasons for this. it can be the tech missed the vain do to the vain moving or rolling away for the needle. a valve in the vain closing perventing blood flow; y (MORE)

Do life insurance companies test for HIV?

  Yes, life insurance companies do test for HIV. However, some life insurers may provide coverage for people with HIV.   Depending on the insurer and amount of coverage (MORE)

Do met life life insurance companies test for HIV?

I believe they cant not test for hiv because its against the law . Answer is No This answer is not correct. The do test for HIV and most likely will not offer any type of (MORE)

Does a blood test test for anemia?

A simple and common blood test used to test for anemia is CBC or the complete blood count. Technically you do not even need a CBC to just test for anemia. A simple Hemoglobin (MORE)