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Can you get HIV from your own semen?

No; HIV would have to be transmitted from the semen of someone else.   --------   Don't be ridiculous, you would need to have HIV in the first place for your semen to be (MORE)

Can you get HIV from scratch marks?

It is very unlikely to transmit/contract the HIV virus in this manner. The "scratcher" could only plausibly do so if there is an open sore(s) under his/her nails, or abrasions (MORE)

Can cats get HIV?

Cats cannot catch HIV off humans but they can catch FIV (Feline imunnodeficiency Virus) from other infected cats which is very similar to human HIV. Just like the human vari (MORE)

Can the HIV virus show up in normal routine blood work when you have a check-up?

Not in Normal Blood Tests   No. You need to ask specifically for the HIV blood test.   Some blood tests may alert the doctor that something is wrong. HIV-infected indi (MORE)
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How does HIV target T cells?

HIV targets white blood cells that originate in the thymus;  T-cells. It then injects its RNA into the cell and 'hijacks' the  cell to produce more cells with the HIV RNA.
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Do they check for HIV in your blood when you donate blood and do they notify you if it comes out positive?

Current FDA and /or AABB guidelines require that every blood donation (allogeneic and autologous) be screened for the following: ABO, Rh Typing Unexpected antibody screen (imm (MORE)

Does taryll Jackson have HIV?

First of all NO Taryll Jackson does not have HIV or any other life altering, possible life ending diseases. However, rather than looking into the personal depths of other peop (MORE)