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What age can you get tested for HIV without a parent in Florida?

You must be at least 12 years of age in Florida. ** NOTE ** Minors 12 years of age and over do NOT need parental consent for examination and treatment. (A minor under the a (MORE)

What is hen duo in English?

hen duo means "a lot of" ......something or.... "a lot" or "very much" i.e..... I learned a lot, I love you a lot. or they have a lot of....something
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What is Non reactive anti HIV test result?

                Its means that AIDS is negative.
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What is non reactive in HIV test result?

A non-reactive test result means that HIV antibodies were not detected in the specimen and the test result is interpreted as negative for HIV antibodies. However, those with (MORE)

Hiv test eclia cut off value 0.279?

The cut of rate for ECLIA is 1. Any one who is getting anything less than that means that during the test no antibodies were found which could take the rate of reaction during (MORE)

Do life insurance companies test for HIV?

  Yes, life insurance companies do test for HIV. However, some life insurers may provide coverage for people with HIV.   Depending on the insurer and amount of coverage (MORE)

Do met life life insurance companies test for HIV?

I believe they cant not test for hiv because its against the law . Answer is No This answer is not correct. The do test for HIV and most likely will not offer any type of (MORE)
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What type of noun is duo?

The noun duo is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for two people or two things with close association, often used for two entertainers who work together. Alf and Ral (MORE)