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Where is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is located on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River facing the South China Sea. near eastern china in the sea
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What is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is an island city located off the coast of the People's Republic of China. Under Chinese authority since 1997, Hong Kong is one of two Special Administrative Regions ( Full Answer )
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How long from hong kong airport to hong kong island?

On any CityFlyer tm or Airbus tm , it takes approximately one hour to arrive at the starting edge of Hong Kong Island from Hong Kong International Airport. Airport Express ( Full Answer )
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Why is Hong Kong called ''Hong Kong''?

The words Hong Kong in Chinese (香港) translates to "fragrant harbor." The actual word "Hong Kong" did not appear until the Treaty of Nanking between the British Emp ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Hong Kong?

There are a lot of things to do in Hong Kong. But I bet this onewill make you fall in love with Hong Kong. Hong Kong is all aboutfood. It is home for different restaurants (e. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Hong Kong?

You can fly by plane, take a boat, or just drive. It depends on your current location.
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Why did the Hong Kong government build the university of Hong Kong?

The university of Hong Kong's predecessor that was the Hong Kong college of medicine was founded in 1887. Dr. Sun Yat-sen was learning in the medical. At that time, the ( Full Answer )
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How has Hong Kong changed after the british ruled Hong Kong?

There aren't as many changes as people would think. However, the ratio of expats to local Chinese people has changed a lot. Many expats have left due to their job contracts et ( Full Answer )
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How you can get in Hong Kong?

well you can fly there or by a ship although it would take a much longer period of time.