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What is a however statement?

Answer . A however statement is a statement that says for example, Cafeteria rules are stupid; however, they have been improving the way the cafeteria runs
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Comma after however?

I believe my educational background and work experience make me well \nqualified for the job, however I feel it's my strong work ethic and \neagerness to learn that will help (MORE)

Is there a synonym for however?

Nevertheless, still, yet, though, nonetheless, in spite of, despite that, conversely, on the other hand, but, after all, be that as it may, anyhow, for all that, howbeit, notw (MORE)

How do you use however?

Use however in place of but as a contradiction word. For example: Most people thought her cold, but I knew she was just shy/ most people thought her cold, however, I knew she (MORE)

When do you use however?

"However" is like "but," except that it's meant to be used for the start of a new sentence, instead of connecting a compound sentence. "This is a terrible situation, but it's (MORE)
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Meaning of however?

Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems tocontradict something that has been said previously.