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What does Mr Barlow think about the future of Intellectual Property Laws?

Firstly I'm assuming you mean specifically John Perry Barlow with  regards to his article on Wired "The Economy of Ideas". To put it  with utmost brevity Barlow believes tha (MORE)

What is an assignment of intellectual property?

Assignment of Intellectual Property It is a transfer of ownership  of intellectual property rights from one entity to another, often  required to be written and signed. Assi (MORE)

Define the term intellectual property?

Intellectual property is defined as ideas, inventions, or processes that come from your mind or intellect.
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What is obvious in intellectual property?

Obviousness is an idea central to patent law. Applicants are expected to prove that a person skilled in the area of the invention would not have come up with it himself based (MORE)

What is the theft of intellectual property?

Theft of intellectual property can go under various names: Plagiarism is passing off someone else's work as your own. Copyright Infringement is copying, distributing, alteri (MORE)

Who governs intellectual property in the US?

Enforcement of intellectual property rights is the responsibility of the owner of those rights, unless the violation is also a criminal offense, in which case the relevant law (MORE)

What is intellectual property infringement?

Infringement means breaking the law and violating someone's rights. Intellectual property infringement is violating the exclusive rights creators are given under the law to th (MORE)

What is the definition for intellectual property policy?

The vast majority of countries have intellectual property laws addressing at a minimum copyright, trademark, and patent. However, these laws vary in clarity and effectiveness, (MORE)

Can you buy intellectual property of someone?

Yes, many forms of intellectual property have transferable rights. They are often bought and sold in the form of "assignment of rights". For example, you can inherit copyrig (MORE)