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What to do in israel?

Answer 1 There are huge amounts of things to do in Israel, and it reallydepends on the kind of thing you like. For a religious holiday, obviously, give several days to Jerusa (MORE)
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What are the Israel lights?

i think what you are referring to is Israelites, which is just a way of calling the Jewish nation. for example, people from America are called Americans, and people from Engla (MORE)
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Are there pyramids in Israel?

No. The Great Pyramids at Giza are in Egypt. There are many more pyramids scattered about that country and in addition there are even more numerous amounts of pyramids in th (MORE)
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Who is Israel?

Israel is what is now the land that was promised to Israelites by  the Most High; they were descendants of Jacob (his name having been  changed to Israel). Sometimes Israel (MORE)

Who was Israel?

Israel is both a country and a person. As the question has "who" in it, it would seem to refer to the person. Israel is an Old Testament Prophet and the third patriarch. He (MORE)

When was Israel named Israel?

The name "Israel" comes from a name given to the Patriarch Jacob. The kingdom of Israel was formed around 1020 BCE. In about 930 BCE, Israel and Judah split, and Israel existe (MORE)

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How do you get to Israel?

By plane, boat, car or walking...depends on where you're coming from. By plane, many European and American airports fly to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. and have ande 1 : sde (MORE)
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Is Israel safe?

Israel is perhaps less than safe and secure among its neighboring countries. But residents, tourists, and visitors are as safe in Israel as anywhere else in the world, and saf (MORE)
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What was Israel?

1) Jacob, grandson of Abraham, was given the honor-title of Israel  by God (Genesis ch.35).   2) Israel was a country (Joshua 11:16,21; Judges 19:29; 1 Samuel  11:3, 13: (MORE)