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What is the Objective of Johnson and Johnson?

The objective of Johnson & Johnson is to provide the high quality services and products in cure disease to help heal to improve the quality of life .And to be the leaders in t (MORE)

Does Johnson and Johnson test on animals?

Yes, they DO test on animals. It is NOT necessary to test medications on animals before they are ready for human consumption as many of the physical attributes (etc.) of anima (MORE)

Who owns Johnson and Johnson?

Johnson and Johnson is a family owned company since 18906 whenHerbert F. Johnson Sr became partner of the company after two yearsof it being founded by his father. It continue (MORE)
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Are Johnson and Johnson and SC Johnson related?

I think so! No I don't think so. They are two entirely distinct companies. SC Johnson & Son, formerly known as Johnson Wax, was founded and is still based in Racine, Wisc (MORE)