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Kalagan tribe in mindanao?

one of the 13 Muslim tribes of mindanao partiicularly living in the davao gulf, tagum city davao city, davao del norte, davao del sur, davao oriental, compostella valley ( Full Answer )
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What is kalagan tribe?

kalagan is a nationality before the arrival of the colonial terrorist forces of the spain who came to Christianise us by force.majority of kalagan are muslim,only the sub-trib ( Full Answer )
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Definition of kalagan tribe?

Kalagan tribe is the moro tribe that lived in the Davao Area and in the part of South Cotabato and Saranggani province. The true term of Kalagan is "Kaagan. We are islamalized ( Full Answer )
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What is the History of Kalagan Tribe of Mindanao?

Kalagans is literally known as the people of the shore in Davaogulf and Davao gulf also was known as the Kagan lake. They refferedto called them as "KAGAN" rather than Kalagan ( Full Answer )