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Does kerastase hair products test on animals?

Kerastase line of hair products does not test on animals. They have  not tested on animals since 1989. Kerastase is part of L'Oreal.
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Is kerastase shampo better than Pantene?

Studies show that Kerastase and Pantene are both effective and among the best in their use as hair-thinning shampoos, so the question is simply a matter of opinion. The decisi (MORE)

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What does bain kerastase mean?

Kerastase Bain is a company that sells shampoo, conditioner and other beauty products. I was unable to determine the origin of the company's name. It is possible that the name (MORE)
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Where can one buy Kerastase shampoo online?

One can buy kerastase shampoo through the use of their Internet website, which also provides many other products from that company. You can also look for it on amazon.
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