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Who is Lancome Cosmetics manager?

Abdel Vazquez Counter Manager Lancome he's a grat sales manager help me with courtesy and nice way to reasolve a problen in the store . He's a nice guy with the customers.
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How much are Lancome Comestics?

Lancome Cosmetics are priced in the mid- to high-end of most department store cosmetics sales. Foundations mostly run in the $27 to $48 range, while anti-aging and frangrances (MORE)
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How much is lancome eyeshadow?

$18 per single-shade pot. I don't know what multiple-shade collections cost, but I don't buy those anyway.
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What products does Lancome make?

Lancome makes products that care to soap and shower/ cleanup. Some of there products are for men who need to wash up after a run. The also carry women's hair spray.