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What are the imports for Latvia?

Latvia imports: Food and live animals Beverages and tobacco Crude materials for onward processing fuels and lubricants Animal and vegetable oils and waxes chemical and related (MORE)

Who is the President of Latvia?

Andris Bērziņš is the President of Latvia. He became the 8th President of Latvia on 2011 July 8. Bērziņš is formerly a business man, having worked for several joint-stoc (MORE)
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Is Latvia Hot?

Latvia has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons.   Average temperatures in the summer are in the high teens (mid twenties during the day) and just below freezing (MORE)
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How did Latvia get its name?

The name comes from Latgalians - one of the Latvian pre-christian tribes that are now part of modern Latvian nation living in Latgale region, albeit with quite strong accent ( (MORE)

What is the population of Latvia?

About 2,260,000. Latvia survives really strong decrease in population. At the end of 90s population of Latvia was about 2.7 millions. Due to strong decrease, population of L (MORE)
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Who was the queen of Latvia?

There has never been a monarchy in Latvia, so Latvia has never had a queen or king.
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