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Who is the Prime Minister of Poland?

    Donald Tusk is the Prime Minister of Poland.Tusk became the Prime Minister of Poland on 2007 November 16 as leader of the Civic Platform party. He was officially a (MORE)
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All country prime minister name list?

Many countries around the globe have Prime Ministers. Some Prime  Ministers include Edi Rama or Albania, Baldwin Spencer of Antigua,  Tony Abbott of Australia, and Perry Chr (MORE)

Who appoints the Prime Minister and his team of ministers?

Typically in most countries that have a prime minister, the prime  minister is elected by the parliament, and is normally the head of  the largest party and so is able to ge (MORE)

List british prime ministers?

Eighteenth Century Prime Ministers, period of office and political party   Sir Robert Walpole 1721-42 Whig  Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington 1742-3 Whig  Henry Pelham (MORE)

Year wise list of Indian prime ministers?

yearwise appointments of PM in India is given hereunder. From Jawaharlal Nehru till Manmohan Singh, India's prime ministers from independence on Aug 15, 1947 till now: Jawahar (MORE)

Who is the prime minister of Western Australia?

Western Australia is a state of Australia, and it does not have a Prime Minister, but a Premier. The 2013 premier of Western Australia is Colin Barnett. The position of Prim (MORE)

Who is the Prime Minister?

Ask the question "Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?" "Who is the Prime Minister of India?" using the name of the country you are looking for. . If you mean the Prime Min (MORE)