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Does loreal richesse have ppd?

I don't think so , I am highly allergic to ppd, I get welts that itch and bleed on my scalp and my lymph nodes swell up, but with richesse, I get NO reaction except occasional (MORE)

What does loreal own?

  L'Oreal (partly owned by Nestle) All L'Oreal brands Lancôme The Body Shop Maybelline Biotherm Kiehl's Shu Uemura Cacharel Giorgio Armani Helena Rubi (MORE)
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What does Loreal mean?

L'oreal, also known as Le Oreal means nothing. It is totally made up to sound french Actually that isn't true. It came from the French word Auréale, meaning "halo/light", a (MORE)
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Is loreal good?

loreal is a very good product. Angelina jolie and Selena Gomez uses it regularly. loreal rox!
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Loreal in which stages of product life cycle?

  loreal is in the growth stage...because they r contineously innovating their products and they r spending a lot of money on R&D
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How do you use loreal conditioner?

First, how old are you? second, why are you asking how to use conditioner? third, put it in your hair, leave in for about 2 minutes then washout
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Is it Loreal Paris or just Loreal?

The actual, full name of the beauty company is L'oreal Paris. However, it is often referred to colloquially simply as L'oreal. Products from the company will have the name "L' (MORE)

Does loreal test their on animals?

Yes, they do. this is a link to caring consumer's Do Test On Animals list and loreal is the second companie down. (MORE)