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What does lowkey mean?

Lowkey means kinda,sorta and so on like that for example Ex#1: I lowkey like that BOY Ex#2: I was Lowkey scared
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How old is Lowkey?

There are two rappers who use this stage name: (US) Cory Harris, aka Lowkey, is 35 years old (born July 20, 1981). (UK) Kareem Dennis, aka Lowkey, is 31 years old (born May 23 ( Full Answer )
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What does lowkey mean in slang?

It's basically to keep something private or a secret. Like you can say ' keep it on the DL ( downlow ) you can also say keep it on lowkey ; example- I'm having a party but I'm ( Full Answer )
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What religion is lowkey?

Lowkey is a Muslim - I'm not sure which sector of Islam though. He is of Iraqi and British heritage (Mother = Iraqi Muslim. Father = British Christian). He raps about politi ( Full Answer )
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Did lowkey get arrseted?

no i dont think lowkey gt arrested cause hes shareing his opnion about the political issues!"
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What are you top 10 lowkey tracks?

my opinion: -haunted -long live palestine -last words -revolution -relatives -something wonderful -terrorist -obamanation -bars for my brother -cradle of civilisation its h ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with lowkey?

lowly rosy loamy slowly holy wholly lonely bony coli pony cozy phony showy trophy cocci cosy mony poesy soapy sowie crony foamy homey throaty doughy folksy goalie nosy posy do ( Full Answer )
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What is Lowkey most known for?

Lowkey is an English musician and political activist. He has many songs and followers of his music. He is a member of the Stop the War Campaign, and has addressed President ( Full Answer )