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What age rating is the luxe series?

I don't know the actual age rating or if their is one but i wouldrecommend not to allow under 13s to read it due to sexual references but it depends how sensible the child i w (MORE)
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Who is baby Lux?

She is the daughter of One Direction's stylist and makeup artist. Her mother is Lou Teasdale and her father is Tom Atkin and her name is Lux Atkin.
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What is a Lux nova?

  When Saint-Denis had its new east end added, the early elements of Gothic architecture were present - especially stained-glass windows. When Abbot Suger saw the light co (MORE)

Who is baby lux to One Direction?

baby lux is the boy hair and make up artists daughter she isnt related to any of the boys
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Tiny but dangerous, the mosquito has a sting and a drone powerful enough to drive even the strongest indoors. Fight back with a strategic mosquito treatment for your yard. By (MORE)

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Marketing strategies of lux?

  The Lux Marketing Strategy is simple - build a brand based on beauty ("Beauty Begins With Lux") and then throw millions of dollars at the media to support it. There is (MORE)

Which is best 1.5 lux or 3 lux camera?

1.5 lux is better then 3 lux camera because 1.5 Lux camera can work in more dark area then 3 lux
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How convert LUX to Lumens?

Lumens is the total amount of light a light source (a light bulb, for instance) throws in all directions. Lux (lumens per square meter) can measure how intense light from that (MORE)
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Who is the target consumer for lux soap?

The target group is young women. The manufacturers promise your  skin will stay looking younger if you use their product. A claim  peddled by every other soap manufacturer ! (MORE)

Who invented the lux meter?

Lux meter is a term sometimes used to refer to  a light meter. If you mean who invented the light meter, Weston  marketed the first photographic selenium meter in 1932, whic (MORE)