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Who is luxembourgs president?

Luxembourg hasn't an president,it's a grand-duchy.The grand duke is "Henri von Nassau-Weilburg"(English:Henry of Nassau-Weilburg).The next grand duke is his son , prince Guill (MORE)

What is the religion in Luxembourg?

  Under Luxembourg law it is actually illegal to ask anyone what their religion is, however Luxembourg is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. Since 1979 it has been illegal for (MORE)

How did Luxembourg get its name?

  The tiny country Luxemburg got its name from a castle, which dates back to the Roman Empire. The castle became the residence of the counts of the Ardennes 963, which fro (MORE)

What is the population of Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, a constitutional monarchy, is an independent sovereign state. It is 84 kilometers, or 51.7 miles long and 52 kilometers, or 32 miles wide, encompassing an area of (MORE)

What traditions does Luxembourg have?

The children of Lexembourg believe that Kleeschen another name for St. Nicholas comes down from heaven on the nigh of Dec. 5th to fill the shoes of the children who have place (MORE)

Is Luxembourg in UK?

No Luxembourg is not in the UK. It is the capital city of the "Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" and is about 411 km from Calais, an the additional crossing from Calais (France) to E (MORE)

What is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that has borders with  Germany, France, and Belgium. The capital of this country is  Luxembourg City. The total area of this countr (MORE)