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What is the Iberian Lynx?

 The Iberian lynx is  found in Mediterranean woodland and marquis habitat (a  scrub-like habitat of open forests and  thickets), where there is a mixture of dense scrub  (MORE)

Why is the lynx endangered?

The Lynx is endanged because its habitat is being developed. The lynx needs a lot of wild area to roam around in while hunting and seeking a mate. As roads are cut through the (MORE)
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Where does a lynx live?

The lynx lives in high altitude forests with a cover of shrubs,  reeds, and tall grass. They are found in Europe, Asia, and North  America.   Not all lynx live in high f (MORE)

What is a Lynx?

A linx is a creature, closely related to a bobcat that belongs to the feline family, in the group of small cats. They have pointed, elfish, ears and live near mountains. The (MORE)
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How does a lynx eat?

It hunts down small prey usually a rabbit or squirrel and stalks it until he grabs hold of it rips it open and begins eating it
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How do lynx communicate?

A lynx can communicate in different ways. such as: mews, purring, yowls, spits and hisses.
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What eats a lynx?

Adults have few natural enemies, maybe a cougar, bear or wolf. But predators tend to avoid other predators as food items.
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Who are the lynxes enemies?

  humans,they are various for the eurasian lynxes skin   they love to kill them for there skin!!! what should we do to save them?   help save the eurasian lynxes!!! (MORE)
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What Is Lynx?

it is a cat with pointy ears. it lives in parts of Europe and nearly all of north America. its enemies are bobcats. in Europe it is by preyed wolves and in America its hunted (MORE)

How can you save lynxes?

We can save the lynx if we take effort to do so. All we have to do is to stop cutting down forests (the lynx habitat). If the snowshoe-hare becomes extinct, the lynx will prob (MORE)