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What is a matrix?

A matrix is an array of numbers in brackets that contain rows (horizontal) and columns (vertical).   If there are n rows and m columns, we say the matrix is nxm.   Matri (MORE)

What is the matrix?

Mathematics: A two dimensional grid of numbers. Biology: The matrix is a part near the origin of your toe or fingernail where the nail grows from. Movie: The Matrix is the (MORE)

What is Matrixism?

Matrixism is a religion based on the movie The Matrix, the writings of Aldous Huxley and the Baha'i Faith. Matrixism is also referred to as The path of the One.
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Why is matrix named matrix?

Matrix derives from Latin "Mater" which means "mother". It was called this because the determinant, which is very central to matrix mathematics, changes when we remove columns (MORE)

How do you spell matrixed - as in matrixed organization?

That is the correct spelling of matrixed (in a combined vertical and horizontal hierarchy, pooling groups across divisions). This is presently an informal term or jargon which (MORE)