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What is skill matrix?

Skill matrix is a tool to assess training needs. It is a table that shows skills of individuals in a team and any gaps between the skills of employees and the job roles they h (MORE)
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What is the matrix of BGA?

 The matrix of a BGA is the pattern in which the solder balls are  laid out in.  
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What is audible matrix?

When you are between 2 difference pieces of appliances or electronics emitting a white noise and your brain tries to make sense or order out of it by creating words that were (MORE)

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What is the matrix about?

the matrix is the theory that the world as we know it today is really a computer program created by the "machine overlords of the future". it is believed to be used to keep hu (MORE)

How do you spell matrixed?

The word "matrix" is a noun, so it has no past tense. The noun can be used as an adjective, as matrix (this is technically not an adjective but a noun adjunct), e.g. the matri (MORE)

What is a stakeholder matrix?

The stakeholder matrix is a simple, but effective tool for  analyzing stakeholders. Stakeholders are any individuals or groups  who can be affected or affect a business. The (MORE)
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What is matrix in maths?

It is a table of items, usually numbers. For example, you might consider the prices of several items in a shop. Put these in a column. Then for the same items in a different s (MORE)