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What is the Mediterranean campaign?

  Answer   This was the campaign to take control of the Mediterranean Sea by gaining control of the ports and countries that border it.   In 1939 and 1940, the con (MORE)
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What is the mediterranean?

  The Mediterranean is the name of a body of water between Europe and Africa. The term is also used to describe the region bordering that body of water. Mediterranean clim (MORE)

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan based around foods and meals eaten in the Mediterranean region. This diet or better yet, lifestyle, is comprised of several components (MORE)

Why does the Mediterranean have no tide?

  Answer   The Mediterranean does have some tidal range, but it is slight compared with other places on earth. Because the Mediterranean is nearly landlocked, with th (MORE)

What are the Mediterranean countries?

The Mediterrenean countries are those that surround the Mediterranean Sea. In Europe:SpainFranceMonacoMaltaItalySlovaniaCroatiaBosnia-HerzegovinaMontenegroAlbaniaGreeceTurkey (MORE)