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How do you fish in the Mediterranean?

  Answer   You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish:-) I'm in the UK, so am able to fish around the Med several times each year, as a part of vacation (MORE)
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What is the mediterranean?

  The Mediterranean is the name of a body of water between Europe and Africa. The term is also used to describe the region bordering that body of water. Mediterranean clim (MORE)

What is a mediterranean?

Well...   If you are talking about a person then a Mediterranean is someone who is from that area of the world around the Mediterranean sea.   If you are talking about a (MORE)

13Exactly how did St Paul's hometown of Tarsus on the Mediterranean influence his approach to spreading the Gospel compared to other prophets?

A person raised in Tarsus in the days of the Roman Empire would learn Greek language, culture, and philosophy. Unlike the other Apostles, St. Paul would feel totally at home i (MORE)

What are Mediterranean vegetables?

Mediterranean vegetables are not a special type of vegetables... it's just a set of different veggies that are used in Mediterranean cuisine. Include zucchini, eggplant, red o (MORE)