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Can you take echinacea with microgynon?

  It would be best to check with your GP. I know that St.John's Wort can affect the contraceptive ability of Microgynon 30, as can;   * Antibiotics (such as ampicillin (MORE)

How likely is Pregnancy on microgynon?

Microgynon is a contraceptive pill & different for everybody. There has been cases where women have got pregnant ( not trying to scare you because im on it myself ) . But i ha (MORE)

What is microgynon?

Microgynon is a birth control pill used to reduce the risk of pregnancy. It can also be used for emergency contraception, reducing pain or bleeding during periods, lowering th (MORE)

You dont have periods unless you take microgynon and you want a baby?

I did a very short search on internet regarding this medicament. It seems to be one that causes a lot of side-effects. I suppose you should stay off this medication all toge (MORE)

Can you take microgynon while on Depo-Provera injection?

Yes. Sometimes doctors will even prescribe you the Microgynon whilst on the Depo Provera, to help and settle side effects of the Depo such as prolonged bleeding. The Microgyno (MORE)

Does microgynon cause weight gain?

I personally have always struggled with my weight, always hovered around 48kg.. I'm 20. I started on mycrogynon 20 ED 3 weeks ago, and since I started them I have had the wors (MORE)

How does microgynon helps regulate your period?

It doesn't - this is a myth. Microgynon is a form of hormonal birth control pill, it works bysuppressing your menstrual cycle so that you no longer ovulate - ifyou no longer (MORE)