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Can you take a double dose of the morning after pill?

Not at the same time but you could take two doses in one week or one month.   It will not hurt you but is also unnecessary.
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How much does the morning after pill cost at CVS?

The "morning after pill" called Plan B. It will cost approximately  $50 to buy it in CVS pharmacy as of early 2014. You do not need a  prescription for it, but you may have (MORE)
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Is the morning after pill harmful?

They can have some annoying side effects but they do not hurt you.   If you use it regularly and in place of birth control of condoms then it can eventually effect your me (MORE)

Can the morning after pill cause headaches?

Unfortunately this can occur and is one of the side effects of the morning after pill. Symptoms usually resolve in a few days but if they continue speak to your health care pr (MORE)
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What is the brand name of the morning after pill?

Common brand names of the morning after pill vary from country to country. In the US, common brands of morning after pill include Plan B, Ella, and Next Choice. In the UK, Lev (MORE)