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Semper vero esse felicem et sine morsu animi transire vitam ignorare est rerum naturae alteram parte?

Except that parte should be partem, this can be translated as: "Truly, to be always happy and to pass one's life without anguish of soul is not to know the other side of the n (MORE)
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What are Swedens natura resources?

  iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, tungsten, uranium, arsenic, feldspar, timber, and hydropower and they have rich forrests
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Does Dr natura work?

  Dr Natura would work except the package lack a critical element probiotics. Many people complain of flu like system and other feelings of wellness. offe (MORE)

What does itineris de natura mean?

It's hard to say without some context. Itineris means "of [a or the] journey", de natura is "about, or from, nature". The phrase De natura is common in Latin titles, and means (MORE)

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